I’ve been developing, fixing, and supporting websites for more than 20 years, 10 of those using WordPress. If you have or want a WordPress site, here’s how I can help:

Save time and money

Using WordPress saves time. What we used to build with code, line by line, we can now literally install, configure, and customize. That time savings translates to cost savings and allows us to spend more time on website goals and user experience.

Customize sites, simply or to the extreme

WordPress is a complex framework now. It gives you the power to develop almost any type of website, from simple portfolio or event sites, to large e-commerce or media sites. With that power comes complexity. I’ve learned to peel back the layers of WordPress and work with the code itself. I can make your WordPress site look and act completely different from cookie-cutter templates and themes, all while preserving the ability to keep the core site software up to date and functional.

Fix it

Websites break from time to time. In WordPress, the core software and any plugins need updating regularly to add features and patch security holes. These updates can break a site’s functionality. Inexperienced website designers, well-meaning tinkerers, and even your own employees can inadvertently break things and need assistance getting the site up and running.

Protect against threats

Since it is the most widely used website design framework (rightly so), it’s a constant target for hackers. Just as I can fix things that inevitably break as the site software is updated, I can undo the damage done by security breaches and harden WordPress websites against future attacks. I offer all my clients an annual plan that helps keep their sites updated and protects from hackers.